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Digital Archive series on Africa is a Country

Africa is a Country is publishing a facinating series of posts on Digital Archives. Written by Liz Timbs, a PhD Candidate in African History at Michigan State Univeristy, the series focuses on digital project on an African topic, some based on the continent, some based in the United States and some based in the UK that are working to make more resources about Africa’s past and present available.

Posts published so far include:

No 1: Afrobarometer

No 2: Africa Through a Lens

No 3: Nelson Mandela Digital Archive Project

No 4: Africa Cartoons

No 5: Harvard’s African Sources of Knowledge Digital Library

No 6: Trans-Atlantic Slave Trade Database

No 7: Slave Biographies

No 8: World War I in Africa

No 9: The Winterton Collection

No 10: African Activist Archive

No 11: African Hip Hop

No 12: The African Rock Art Digital Archive

No 13: Social History of the Gambia

No 14: Digitizing Ferguson

No 15:

No 16: Nigerian Nostalgia

No 17: Digital Matatus

No 18: Badilisha Poetry Exchange

No 19: Claremont Histories and the preservation of nostalgia





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