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Archives and Dealing with the Past

In the aftermath of gross human rights viola- tions and serious violations of international humanitarian law, a series of initiatives are undertaken to deal with these past violations. The importance of preserving archives and records concerning human rights violations in these periods is often underestimated and forgotten. Technical issues such as the preservation and management of archives are as important as policy questions related to the access, ownership and location of these archives and records. The aim of the project “Archives and Dealing with the Past” is to provide a support to governments, interna- tional organizations and NGOs related to the protection of archives which document human rights violations.

The Swiss Federal Archives (SFA) the Federal Department of Foreign Affairs (FDAF) and the Swiss Peace Foundation (swisspeace) are playing an active role in safeguarding archives and records documenting human rights violations and in supporting processes dealing with the past through a joint project, “Archives and Dealing with the Past”.

While the SFA provides technical support and expertise to protect records, FDAF and swisspeace implement measures to promote peace and strengthen human rights.

For more information download the attached Information Sheet or visit the Archives and Dealing with the Past website



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